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Jobreport Corecut - Aqua cutter 710V

Widening Port of Liverpool

Specialist UK Corecut Ltd introduces Hydrodemolition techniques on the Port of Liverpool’s Seaforth Passage widening project. The UK’s first AQUA CUTTER Evolution 710V robotic unit from Hydrodemolition specialist manufacturer, Aquajet Systems AB […]

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Jobreport - Norway

Underwater wonders in Norway

UK contractor Rentajet Group (RGL) employed hydrodemolition techniques during underwater surface preparation on a bridge project in Northern Norway; ensuring significant cost savings and improved safety by eliminating the need […]

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Jobreport - sweden

A small giant crosses the bridge

Swedish contractor SVB-Tyringe completes bridge repairs in Helsingborg using its recently delivered AQUA CUTTER 410 – the world’s smallest Hydrodemolition robot and one of the first in Sweden. One of […]

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Jobreport - holland

Saving manpower and manhours

Posttensioned cables prove no problem for Hydrodemolition specialist Aqua Demolition Services (ADS) when exposing the steel cables to allow inspection before connecting a new elevated concrete deck and rail tracks […]

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Jobreport - singapore

Eliminate the cost of 50 operators

The use of Aquajet’s Hydrodemolition technology has dramatically reduced labour costs on the construction of part of Singapore’s new Downtown Line; eliminating up to 50 jackhammer operatives. The Austrian tunnelling […]

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Jobreport - israel

A walk in the park, on the pier

Maagan Marine & Diving Works Ltd, a leading Israeli marine contractor, is using it’s new Aquajet Systems Aqua Cutter 710V evolution to remove the decayed concrete from the East Pier […]

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Jobreport australia

“Down Under” for substantial time savings

A defective wall at a Queensland, Australia mine was removed by two Aquajet Aqua Cutter robots, reducing what would have been a six-month job to just four weeks. One of […]

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Jobreport - uk

Demanding contract, under the river

A project to remove concrete from the Kingsway Tunnel under the River Mersey, which was greatly restricted by the hours possible for working, has been completed by Buxton Water Ltd […]

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