On location

Jobreport - sweden 2

From sub-surface to sub-zero

Hydrodemolition techniques are being used for the refurbishment contract on Sweden’s Jäpströmmen hydropower station dam wall and three spillway gates using Aquajet’s Aqua Cutter robotic hydrodemolition equipment; including underwater operations […]

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Jobreport - stockholm 2

City pulse in stealth mode

Quietly does it in Stockholm’s tourist centre as new Ecosilence Power Pack from Aquajet makes its debut on extensive city centre bridge and tunnel hydrodemolition projects;beating all expectations and making […]

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Jobreport - motala

Modern facelift in historic site

Aqua Cutter HVD robot speeds up renovation work at historic heritage site. An Aquajet HVD robot was recently employed to rapidly remove the surface concrete of the Motala Ström dam […]

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Jobreport - alps

Train tunnel in the Swiss alps

Hydrodemolition techniques were successfully used on the world famous Swiss railway line close to Gotthard using an 11.5m high tower and a new Aqua Cutter Evolution robot from Sweden’s Aquajet […]

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Jobreport - hawaii

Restoration of piers in Pearl Harbour

A hydrodemolition robot from Aquajet Systems is helping Triton Marine Construction to achieve remarkable production rates in the removal of spalled concrete from two piers at Pearl Harbour, in Oahu, […]

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Jobreport - austria

Aquajet makes an impact on Austrian bridge

Austrian hydrodemolition specialist contractor Röhsler & Co is using an Aqua Cutter HVD-6000 to remove more than 300 m³ of concrete to expose rebar for installation of new impact barriers […]

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