Rockin’ around the concrete

The Circular Power Head is a 360° ring in two half pieces that can be wrapped around concrete pillars of nearly any diameter. It enables the cutter robot to operate on a pillar without moving. In many cases, it’s an invaluable asset that makes your work significantly easier.

Up, down and around

The roller travels at a preset distance from one side of the pillar to the other by the robot control system. When the required depth is reached, the head moves upwards or downwards depending on the preset direction.

The CPH is attached to the AQUA CUTTER robot with its centre displaced from the turn plate. This allows the CPH to reach the top of the pillars before the tower hoist reaches the underside of a bridge or a ceiling of an enclosure, such as a parking garage or factory. When the CPH is rotated 180° it’s possible to cut below grade. The offset distance can be extended for deeper below grade requirements.

  • CPH- Circular Power Head
  • CPH- Circular Power Head
  • CPH- Circular Power Head
  • Aqua Spine triple with CPH
  • Aqua Spine with CPH
Pillar diameter: 0,7-1,2 m (2,3-3,9 ft)
Working angle: 360°
Oscillation: Yes
Lance angle: Preset
Compatible robots: AQUA CUTTER 710V



Larger diameter is available upon request.

Features and benefits

Robot or Aqua spine

The Circular Power Head will work with the Aqua Cutter 410V / 710V and Aqua Spine.

Under water

The Circular Power Head, attached to the Aqua Spine, will as well operate under water.

Oscillation system

OscillationThe stroke can be changed in a minute to adapt for the scope of the work. A shallow cut requires a longer stroke and a deep cut needs a short stroke. This allows you to get a higher removal rate and better cut results in all situations.

Oscillation system >>

Easy adjustable stroke of oscillation


NozzlesAt Aquajet we use unique ceramic nozzles, specially designed for highly demanding operations and all kinds of Hydrodemolition applications. The lifespan of a nozzle is up to 300-350 hours depending on the water quality. In terms of efficiency, our nozzles are unbeatable.

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