Clean water – clear conscience

The EcoClear water treatment system is a state-of-the-art solution dedicated for filtering Hydrodemolition water on a completely new level. EcoClear enables the operator to safely discharge water back into the environment – without the need of an extra water reservoir, without the use of filters of any kind – and without pollution.

Green, lean, cleaning machine

EcoClear is designed to work perfectly with our range of AQUA CUTTER robots. It’s capable of handling an impressive flow rate up 20 cubic meters per hour. With EcoClear you can neutralize elevated alkaline pH levels down to pH 6-9 while you have full control of the turbidity level down to 20-40 mg particles/liter. But that’s not all. You can do all this without any kinds of filters or an extra water reservoir. Perfect for your operation, amazing for the environment.

Unique as every drop of water

EcoClear is powered by Siltbuster Ltd and consists of a number of water treatment chambers. In order to make this piece of water wonder work, EcoClear uses flocculation technology to remove the maximum amount of sludge from the water. The treatment unit is operator friendly, allowing you to take care of all particle sizes and weights. The whole process is easily monitored online and with the RECO control system. All in all, EcoClear is unique on the water treatment market.

Capacity: 20 m³/h (706 ft³/h)
pH outgoing water: pH 6-9
Turbidity outgoing water: 20-40 mg/l
pH adjusters: Carbon dioxide (CO²)
Poly aluminium chloride consumption: 10-30 g/m³ (0,01-0,03 oz/ft³)
Flocculant consumption: 1,5-3,0 g/m³ (0,0015-0,003 oz/ft³)
Carbondioxide consumption: 0,2-0,6 kg/m³ (0,2-0,6 oz/ft³)
Length (L1) 6,058 m (ISO 20’)
Width (W1) 2,438 m (ISO 8’)
Height (H1) 2,591 m (ISO 8,5’)
Approx. dry weight: 8900 kg (19 621 lb)
Noise level: 50-55 dB
Drive source: Electric


Features and benefits

Automated pH adjustment

EcoClear uses a digital pH controller and a probe, specifically designed to monitor the incoming pH level of the Hydrodemolition blast water. If an alkaline pH is detected, the system automatically neutralizes the water to pH 7.

Flow proportional chemical dosing

To ensure the correct dosage of chemicals, an automatic magnetic flowmeter is connected to digital dosing pumps. The purpose is to improve the settlement characteristics of suspended solids whenever chemicals are introduced within the integrated reaction tanks.

Insulated chemical storage

EcoClear features a frost protected and bunded chemical spill stand, to contain accidental leakage. The insulated chemical storage removes the risk of any chemicals escaping from the system.

Folding roof and integrated walkway

The folding roof and the walkway provide access for operators to safely inspect the system, whilst working on the ground or at heights.

Water quality monitoring and logging

Optical turbidity sensors and pH probes continuously monitor and record the water quality, ensuring only clean water is discharged back into the environment. If the water exceeds its required limit, the feed pump automatically shuts down to prevent dirty water from escaping.

How does it work step 1–2

Step #1: Inlet chamber and flocculation
To improve the settlement characteristics, the blast water is pumped into the inlet chamber and mixed with a flocculating agent.

Step #2: pH adjustment
Carbon dioxide is automatically introduced via an internal diffuser to create micro bubbles in order to reduce the pH level of the blast water

How does it work step 3–4

Step #3: Integrated lamella clarifier
Flocculated blast water passes through a clarifier where the suspended solids settle, leaving solid free water.

Step #4: Sludge storage hopper
All settled solids are contained within the storage hopper. The solids are pumped out via an integrated pump.

How does it work step 5–6

Step #5: Secondary pH adjustment
A second pH adjustment stage is often used to optimize the pH level.

Step #6: Treated water monitoring tank
To ensure the desired pH level the treated water is continuously monitored before being discharged.