Broaden your horizon

When a diesel engine cannot be used due to noise and pollution regulations, the hybrid kit is essential. You just attach it to your diesel powered AQUA CUTTER robot and the hybrid kit takes over automatically, much like a hybrid car. Sustainable and smart!

Green magic 

A hybrid kit is a powerful ally where a diesel engine is not allowed or appropriate, such as parking garages and inside of other buildings in urban environments. It’s very easy to attach and uses an intelligent system to automatically disengage the on board diesel engine.

Weight: 115 kg (254 lb)
Drive source: Electric motor 3 phase 7,5kW
400 VAC 16A 
Alternative drive source: Electric motor 3 phase 7,5kW
200-220 VAC 32A 


Easy to use

No tools are needed to install the Hybrid kit to the 710 robots. Just snap it on to the back of the robot and connect the umbilical hoses ready to go.
For your convenience the Hybrid Kit has a built-in charger that powers the battery simultaneously as the robot is working.

Operation in enclosed areas

The robot can be operated either with electric power or with the aboard diesel engine when the Hybrid kit is connected. Makes it very versatile, environmental- and user friendly.

Slopes and inclined areas

When operating on very steep slopes the angle sometimes gets beyond what the diesel engine can handle. The hybrid kit will solve this.