• Power Pack Ecosilence

The sound of silence

Power Pack ECOSILENCE is a super silent high-pressure unit, specially designed for Hydrodemolition in urban environments with highly regulated noise levels. It’s not only significantly quieter and more fuel-efficient than our standard packs, the noise output is less than half compared to other power packs on the market.

Super silent, extremely effective

ECOSILENCE is designed to help contractors in several ways. First and foremost it meet increasingly stringent and imposed operational noise requirements in urban locations, such as residential and office areas. The average noise level is as low as 57,5 dB (ECOSILENCE 400). As a bonus, ECOSILENCE also offers a substantial reduction in fuel consumption.

In total control

The Power Pack ECOSILENCE system provides easy handling for your robot, accessories, tools and other necessary equipment. It also require minimum space at the construction site and are cost effective in both transport and set-up time. Basically it’s everything you’ll ever need for your Hydrodemolition contracts in one place. Silent and smart!

  • Power Pack Ecosilence doors closed
  • Power Pack Ecosilence doors open
  • Power Pack Ecosilence inside
  • Power Pack ECOSILENCE
Pressure 980 bar / 14214 psi * 1040 bar / 15080 psi *
Flow 166 l/min (43,9 US Gal/min) * 262 l/min (69,2 US Gal/min) *
Tank volume 820 l (217 US Gal) 925 l (225 US Gal)
Approx. Weight 9 500-10 000 kg 11 500-12 000 kg
Noise level 56-59 dB 58-63 dB
Length (L1) 7,010 m (ISO 23’) 7,010 m (ISO 23’)
Length (L2) 6,058 m (ISO 20’) 6,058 m (ISO 20’)
Cargo length 23’ (L3) 2,920 m (9,6’) 2,650 m (8,9’)
Cargo length 20’ (L3) 1,970 m (6,5’) 1,700 m (5,6’)
Width (W1) 2,438 m (ISO 8’) 2,438 m (ISO 8’)
Height (H1) 2,591 m (ISO 8,5’) 2,591 m (ISO 8,5’)

*Other pressures and flows are available upon request.

Features and benefits

REVO control system

RevoOur REVO Control system features all the functions you need to control and monitor the Power Pack. The system is safe and user friendly. Parameters are easily set on the graphic colour display with iconic multi-language operator’s instructions.

REVO control system >>

Multiple versions

Power Pack ECOSILENCE are available in multiple versions: PP-250, PP-400 and PP-700. All versions have powerful diesel engines, high-pressure pumps and built-in diesel tanks assembled on heavy-duty welded steel frames. To operate a power pack you only need fuel and water supply. No external electric supply is required.

Power Pack Ecosilence version

Engine, pump and frame

We use Volvo diesel engines (331-522 kW/1800 rpm) for all our ECOSILENCE packs. Engines from other manufacturers are optional and can be installed with specific requirements. The base frame is installed on vibration isolators to make the operation smooth and quiet. All pipes and fittings surrounding the engine area are made from stainless steel and none corrosive material.

Power Pack Ecosilence engine and pump

Flexible coupling

The diesel engine and the high-pressure pump are connected by means of a flexible coupling.

Inlet and outlet

Water inlet and outlet situated at the same place.

Power Pack water panel

Remote control system

Our Power Packs features a remote control system with pressure on/off switch and emergency stop. When the remote control is switched to off position the system will depressurize the pump and high pressure hose and reduce the engine rpm to low idle.

Remote control

Sound absorbing design

The container is sound insulated with acoustic surface treatment, thick sound absorbing insulation and seals for all doors and hatches. You can equip the container with a ”Roll off” frame, for easy on/off truck loading and transport.

Accordion - Ecosilence sound side


Every Power Pack has a built-in workbench with vice and a storage room for spare parts.
A power pack also features a 24 V electric system for lighting (7 lights with LED).

Power Pack workbench


Movable heavy hooks for storing of HP-hoses and cables.

Ventilation system

Ventilation system with sound baffles that exchanges the air in the container 2 times per minute.

Power Pack ecosilence ventilation

Heat exchange system

The engine is using an advanced heat exchange system instead of a traditional cooler. The container can be completely closed during operation.

Accordion - Ecosilence heat side

Stainless steel booster

A stainless steel booster pump is mounted between the water tank and the high pressure pump to provide adequate inlet pressure.

Accordion - Standard booster side

Water filter, water tanks centrifuge, air bleeding

A bag type water filter prevents dirt particles from entering the system and pump. A booster pump is mounted between the stainless water tank and the high pressure pump to provide adequate inlet pressure.

Special design water tank that centrifuges away air bubbles from the water, with level sensing and temperature control.

Automatic air bleeding (without bleeding valves).


Exhaust silencers

ECOSILENCE features double exhaust silencers with 4,5 m damping length, all heat protected and mounted inside the container.

Power Pack Ecosilence exhaust

Reliable and easy service

Easy serviceClean and open design around the engine and pump provides unrivalled ease of access for both daily maintenance jobs such as checking oil levels, and periodic service jobs such as oil and filter changes.
This means less downtime with maintenance work and more time for actual work.

Portable garage
The Power pack also serve as a portable racing garage for your robot and tools. Basically everything you’ll ever need for your contracts – in one place.

Robot inside Power Pack

robot_insideAll our 410 and 710 robots will fit into our 23’ POWER PACKS. All in one package ready to go to the worksite and no need for an extra trailer. Robot is also protected from unauthorized intrusion inside the power pack during the night.

Robot inside Power Pack >>



Optional equipment

  • AccessoriesDouble water filters that can be cleaned during operation.
  • Radio remote control that can be docked with the robots remote control.
  • Electric kit: Power inlet/outlet, battery charging system.
  • Wall between engine compartment and workshop
  • Spark arrestor
  • Shut-down valve (gas alert valve)
Accordion - Standard equipment side