• Rotolance

Tough and rough

The Rotolance is a powerful tool for cleaning, light removal and preparatory work to roughening concrete surfaces. It removes rubber coatings, paint and various kinds of layers such as rust and plastic – without vibrations and dust pollutions.

Pick your place

Our standard Rotolance is available in two versions, with a water pressure of up to 2500 bar. Both can be used to prepare concrete in various applications such as roads, bridges, airports, harbours, sewerage pipes, water reservoirs industrial service in the petrochemical industries. But also for cleaning or removal of paint, rust and rubber from ship hulls, storage tanks and much more.

The Rotolance system helps to prevent injuries to the operator caused by hand held equipment. It also saves time and money, as it can operate around the clock. All movements are computer controlled in order to get perfect results every time. 
Rotolance is compatible with all 710 robots, Aqua Spine and Aqua Frame.

  • Rotolance 400
  • Rotolance surface
 Rotolance 1000 Rotolance 2500
Working diameter: 360 mm (14,1”) 350 mm (13,8”)
Max. water pressure:  1000 bar (14 500 psi) 2500 bar (36 300 psi)
Max. water flow: 240 l/min (63,4 gpm) 65 l/min (17,2 gpm)
Rotation speed: 0-800 rpm (hydraulic) 0-1000 rpm (hydraulic)
Max. hyd. pressure: 110 bar (1595 psi) 110 bar 1595 psi)
Max. hyd. flow: 20 l/min (10,5 gpm)  20 l/min (10,5 gpm)
HP hose connections: M36x2 DKO M30x2 Gland
Max. nos of nozzles: 4 20
Vacuum connections: 2×2,5” BSP 2×2,5” BSP
Weight: 110 kg (242 lb) 110 kg (242 lb)

Features & benefits

Surface preparation

The Rotolance tool will give a precise and fast removal of a shallow concrete layer. And will leave superior rough bonding surface, for a new coating.

Surface scarification

The best and most efficient way to roughen a concrete surface is by the Rotolance. For example will a concrete road over time be polished and can be very slippery, high pressure water is the best way to roughen up the surface again.

Paint removal

The Rotolance can also be used remove paint, avoiding use of grid blasting. Means no dust pollution and no contaminated sand to depose.

Rust removal

Rust is removed easy with the Rotolance and ultra high pressure water, leaving a clean steel surface.

Rubber removal

Rubber coatings or rubber on runways from for example airplane tires are stuck in the concrete. This can easily be removed with the Rotolance.