Flexible framework

The AQUA FRAME is a standard Hydrodemolition machine for surfaces that are inaccessible for AQUA CUTTER robots. Its design gives the system an extraordinary ability to adapt to virtually all Hydrodemolition assignments – vertically, horizontally and over-head.

Extend your reach

The steel frame can be positioned directly on concrete by anchor bolts or supported by carriers such as hydraulic platforms, cranes and scaffoldings. Examples of working areas are extremely tall walls or where equipment has to be brought inside a construction via a hole.

Get in control

All power and control functions are provided by a standard Power Control Unit (PCU) or by any of our AQUA CUTTER robots. That’s entirely up to you and the nature of your working area. Either way, you’ll end up with a great result.

  • Aqua Frame
Approx. length: 3,3 m (10,8 ft)
Approx. width: 2,9 m (9,5 ft)
Cutting length: 0-2,8 m (0-9,2 ft)
Cutting width: 0-2,25 m (0-7,4 ft)
Control source: AQUA CUTTER robot or PCU

Special size and configuration on request.

Innovations and design

EDS - Equal Distance System

All our cutter robots feature our patented EDS system, short for Equal Distance System. The EDS system keeps a preset distance from the nozzle to the concrete surface, regardless of the attack angle of the water jet. This is a major advantage. Standard systems without EDS make the water jet lose a lot of power before it hits the concrete.

EDS –Equal Distance System >>

Oscillation system

The stroke can be changed in a minute to adapt for the scope of the work. A shallow cut requires a longer stroke and a deep cut needs a short stroke. This allows you to get a higher removal rate and better cut results in all situations.

Oscillation system >>

Easy adjustable stroke of oscillation


At Aquajet we use unique ceramic nozzles, specially designed for highly demanding operations and all kinds of Hydrodemolition applications. The lifespan of a nozzle is up to 300-350 hours depending on the water quality. In terms of efficiency, our nozzles are unbeatable.

Nozzles >>