A light at the end of the tunnel

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, especially when you use the innovative Tunnel Kit. This add-on to the AQUA CUTTER 410V, gives you many advantages in tight spaces such as confined, oval and uneven tunnel constructions. Your operation becomes a walk in the park, although tunnels often are found below ground.

Split tunnel vision

The Tunnel Kit has many advantages, such as automatic detection and the ability to adjust the distance to the tunnel surface. This makes it very easy to operate in uneven tunnel shapes or oval tunnels. Aquajet’s Tunnel Kit can work tunnels from 1,3 m up to 3 m (4,3-9,8 ft) in diameter. Small and big enough for almost every operation.

  • Aqua cutter 410V Tunnel kit
  • Aqua cutter 410V Tunnel kit
  • Aqua cutter 410V Tunnel kit
  • Aqua cutter 410V Tunnel kit
Total weight: 1160 kg (2560 lb)
Length: 2,0 m (6,6 ft)
Min. width: 0,78 m (2,6 ft)
Track width: 0,78-1,16 m (2,6-3,8 ft)
Min. height: 0,99 m (3,2 ft)
Operating height: 4 m (13,1 ft)
Operating diameter: 1,3-3,0 m (4,3-9,9 ft)
Vacuum connections: 2 x 2,5” BSP
Diameter nozzle head: 250 mm (9,8”)
Flow and pressure: 170-65 l/min @ 800-2500 bar

Specifications complete with Aqua Cutter robot.

  • Aqua cutter 410V tk specification
  • Aqua cutter 410V tk specification

Features and benefits


The Tunnel Kit is built on the Aqua Spine system. This makes the Tunnel Kit very flexible and adaptable to all situations, from extremely tight tunnels to large irregular shaped tunnels and pipes.

Disconnectable PCM

Disconnectable PCMThe power control module (PCM) can be disconnected from the tracked crawler. This allows you to drive the crawler into tight and inhospitable environments, such as small tunnels and flooded sewer pipes.

Disconnectable PCM >>

Surface preparation

The Tunnel Kit combined with the Rotolance tool, enable precise and fast removal of shallow concrete layers. But above all, this combination leaves a superior and rough bonding surface for a new coating.

Paint and rust removal

The Tunnel Kit with the Rotolance tool can also be used to remove paint, avoiding use of grid blasting. In other words – no dust pollution and no contaminated sand to depose. The combination can also be used for rust removal with ultra high water pressure, leaving a clean steel surface.