• Berth/piers

A firm anchor in stormy seas

Berths and piers are exposed to various elements and wear such as waves, lapping zones, mechanical impact from vehicles, ships, weather, salt and freeze-thaw cycles, earthquakes and incorrect concrete casting. With the help from Aquajet you’ll remove all these problem areas.


Our products can be used for widening and renovation of concrete structures. The concrete can be removed below and over the waterline. You can go down to solid concrete or completely remove all concrete in a 3-side operation. The rebars are left intact.

Accordion - Pier side


With our AQUA CUTTER robots you can remove concrete from above, approximately 2 meters in under the berth deck. When operating the AQUA SPINE you can operate whole underside.

Berth under


Large surfaces can be removed, thanks to our AQUA CUTTER robot’s automation and efficiency. Patchworks like circles, triangles and other geometrical shapes can easily be done with the Evolution control system. You can go down to solid concrete or completely remove all concrete. The rebars remain intact after the operation.

Geometrical shapes